Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So mentally drained as of late. But it was nice to get a phone call and have someone tell me I'm an essential part of something. Not feeling like I'm replaceable...

Celebrated my 23rd b-day and made the most of it. Had an "Ultimate Bake-Off" and even made homemade fondant. Received some really nice gifts, one in particular I am really happy about... An actual Gelatin Print from the Ansel Adams collection. Moonrise Hernandez, which is my absolute favorite photograph of all time. Its currently hanging in my living room.
In typical Jordanne fashion though, we celebrated not once, not twice, but actually four times this year.

One of those times, was in Chicago with my wonderful sister and brother. I really had a good time... was able to go shopping, and go to the beach. We watched Patrick play volleyball, and laid by the pool for hours. We even went to the Lincoln Park Zoo... it was so much fun.
The sunset from their balcony.

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